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very familiar:


base9 emigre

the “t” has been re-designed a little, and the “i” has lost it’s dot

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Sweden vs Belgium
Hair vs Smooth

This reminds me of a job I did a few years ago. A local specialty technical bookshop decided to use base9 as their new identity font: signage, labelling, the whole lot. I think they must have been looking only at the individual lettershapes, and completely ignored Emigre’s explanation of the concept behind the design, because they were mighty shocked when they realised that the spacing of the font was based on a coarse resolution bitmap. So first I was called in to respace the font and to develop some kerning. Then I was asked to tweak the design of some of the glyphs. Then the bookshop went bankrupt.

John, I know what you’re talking about.

I just finished a magazine for EHSAL, Europese Hogeschool in Brussels. They wanted a contemporary yet classical yet youthful yet serious look, so I specified Tarzana as main body face, with headlines and various bits and bobs set in Cholla. We go through the proposal, design and lay-out stages without any problems. Everybody seems quite happy with the redesign.

Then, as the magazine is ready to be sent off to the printer’s, the head of the Hogeschool gets the colour prints in his hands, notices the unusual uppercase E and decides that it makes the name of the school look like the Esso logo. To cut a long story short: after a lot of to and fro’s, I was told to replace the uppercase E in every mention of the school’s name with a regular looking E. As Tarzana has no built-in alternate uc E and I was so close to deadline, the only thing I could think of was to over-kern an F and an L, hoping that it would end up looking all right… :/

David, my head may be smooth, but my designer goatee sure ain’t. :-)

P.S. With more than 610.000 votes cast, The United States of Agression are leading the Time Magazine poll with a stunning 87,7%. (!)