Can you help me identify this font?

please help me identify this font


I apologize for my ignorance, but how do I start a new thread?

I was hoping to get help identifying this font:

Or this one:


@cheri.dieringer: can't find a match but really doubt there's a perfect one for your sample. To me, it looks like a techy freebie customized (mainly adding top serifs, redrawing some finials and angles and may be slanting it). As usual for ths kind of job, having a look to http://Techno > Sci-fi and http://Techno > Various DaFont sections might be helpful to spot a good candidate for customization (Dream MMA, Xscale...). Good hunting :)

@son0fhobs: to start a new thread go here and below "Type ID Board" top main heeder, you'll find "Post new Forum topic".
For the ID, sorry but I wasn't able to spot a match. Here's a reworked sample though, some might help you.