Help ID Western Style Sans Font

I have searched high and low and even tried several of the automated font identifiers including Find my Font with no luck. Thanks for any help.


Perhaps someone else recognizes an exact match.
This is in a style called "Tuscan" which includes a large number of fonts with variations in the split ends shown in your sample. The style often includes the spurs sticking out at mid height. Your sample is a logo so it could be modified from its source.
If you would be satisfied with something similar a good place to check for commercial fonts is MyFonts with tag Tuscan. Identifont has some Tuscan fonts not shown at MyFonts.
Letterhead fonts has a Western category which includes Tuscan fonts.
For free fonts, of varying provenance and credibility, you could check Dafont category Western which includes Tuscan fonts.

looks like Oklahoma to me.

(edited to remove link. Don provided a better one)

That's it! A Harold Lohner font. "Inspired by the opening titles of the film of the same name (1955)"
But I recommend against downloading it as an .exe file.
Edited: Deleted link to download of "free" font. It's now being sold as a commercial product.

thanks Don!

Oops. Since my previous post I have found out that this is now a commercial font. But reasonably priced at $12. See Harold's Fonts page for Oklahoma, which leads to FrontBros.

You guys are awesome. Thanks so much for your help.

You're welcome.