Any ideas on this serif with personality...


I may be wrong, but it looks like a modified http://Times BQ by Berthold

EDIT: I checked again the 2 fonts and I think I'm definitely wrong...

Dang... no one knows eh?

i got it!

you can read the article on Mutual Art

Great work defiantone!
So this is a font designed by an artist in 2005 as an ideal font but never released as a font -- nada on google other than the art show. Go figure. Found a few more letters, which for some unexplained reason are psycho!.
Anything more?

if you search the artist, you can find many works/examples he has done using this.

Google search for ricci albenda artist leads to more pix of words in Albenda Bold at the 2005 show and later.

I think I now understand why Ricci Albenda did not release this as a font. As an artist it's worth much more to him as a source for paintings at his exhibitions, which are at top galleries including the Guggenheim.

Wow Jodie, great snooping!

BTW another reason not to release the font is that it was outline-swiped from Times.