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Hi, I've haunted these halls (off and on) for over two years now without posting...sorry. I have a good deal of respect for most of you and must thank you for the knowledge you make available.

Here's a link to some of my stuff:

Most are, well, crappy but some are pretty mediocre if I do say-so myself. If you can bring yourself to critique something I'll be pleased. If you can say even more, I'll be happy. And if you're harsh, I'll be overjoyed.


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For the love of everything holy, PLEASE gimme something!
I'm starving over here!


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hey nate,

I'm kind of a haunter too. you've got a lot of designs, pretty prolific.

I really like your gaelic/uncial faces. they seem the most refined and the shapes are really beautiful. Some of your other "ethnic" (for lack of a better descriptor) faces are interesting as well (Runestick in particular).

Are there any that you're currently working on and trying to refine? Maybe a more focused critique would be helpful


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I like to think of myself as an illustrator, but all my sketchbooks from the past year or so are filled with letterforms! Hah!

I never consciously thought, "i'm gunna make a font." It's been as if something possessed me, whether I liked it or not. So having been a designer (with an MFA no less) and never studied type, what could I do?... Haunt, and try to apply what I learned.

So this is what I have to show after a year. Don't ask me where I got the nerve to post 'em though.


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That's a lot of stuff for a year, and overall pretty good.

Very competent and creative with a good eye for proportions. I love Arthuriel.

I take it that you were an Irish monk before becoming an illustrator/type designer

Nick Cooke

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I really like Bywater.if i can remember correctly, they all look really good, and i must agree with fontboye the proportions look good.

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I saw this back in April but didn’t get a chance to post my comments until now... I especially like Ockiahex...

Any chance that you’ll develop uppercase characters and numerals for it? It might be difficult to have a “true” uppercase if you want to stick to the hexagonal motif, but making the typeface unicase might be a good solution…

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nate. :^[ I'm sorry this has been lost in the halls. I've just taken a peek and now will say that your work is worth looking at in more depth. I'll look again this weekend.

hey group! look at nate's type!!

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