Font ID | Vintage Industrial

I'm looking for help in identifying the font used in the logo for Lincoln Supply Co. It has a vintage industrial feel, yet I'm almost certain it was a tad modified to give it a worn look. Feedback and help is highly appreciated, thank you.


Looks like it has been based on HI United (Sans Regular Black) to me.

That looks very close. I just emailed House to see if they can confirm. Hopefully it is the one. Thanks Ryuk!

I don't think HI will. The only person that would answer is the author Jeremy Paul Beasley himself. But I doubt he'll answer as type choice is a main part of his design process...
I guess I could find more similars if you still need more options.

This is what I heard back from HI "It looks like it could have been United Sans Reg Black once upon a time, before someone gave it that worn rounded look."

My guess is that it is United. I'm going to see if I can find other similar type faces to compare to United. I like that the typeface used by Beasley is not tall, but a tad short and compact.

This one has too much similarities with United, it can't be something else. United has 5 width variations from Condensed to Extended. I guess you could find the right one for your project. I'll try today to help the cause posting some alternatives to United but remember they're not it. 2 at the moment: http://Liberator and http://Haymaker

Ryuk, thank you for the information and your help. I think I will stick with United. I have Haymaker but don't care for the spurs (I think that's what they're called). I don't want to modify it either, but Liberator looks nice and I may consider it for future use.

Side note: Do you know of a type face close to the one featured here:
Is it custom/hand drawn or a commercial font? I'm interested in that for a side project, just unsure of the name. I may email a request to the designer, but thought I'd ask here first.

Thank you for your time!

Even if letters look quite identikal, I'd really doubt it could be something else than a handwritten font. I'd try to find for you some alternatives, may be tomorrow. Have a look here, there might be some interesting.

Ryuk, I saw the list you posted. I like Meat from YWFT. Thanks for the help! A long while back I was looking for one that Oakley was using on some campaigns and I think it was a custom handwritten font, possibly.