(x) "The Problem of the Media" Robert McChesney book - Swift {Héctor}

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These are scans from a book called The Problem of the Media, by Robert McChesney, published 2004. I tried Identifont to no avail. It seems very familiar but I can't put my finger on it. I don't know if it has small caps, but they aren't used in the book. OsFs are, but they are a little darker than the rest of the text, which I thought was strange. Anyway, here goes...




It isn't as noticeable on screen, but in the actual physical book the figures appear much darker than everything else, almost as if it's a bold weight. My wife is trying to go to sleep and is not well pleased with my noise-making, so good night.

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This is Swift, and officially my third type ID.


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Thanks, and congrats on that third ID.

I was thinking Dutch, didn't want to assume. Any thought on why the figures are so dark?

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I think they used Swift Regular Small Caps for figures, the rest of text being Swift Light.

Regular Small Caps seems to be the only Swift with OSF.

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