Can anybody ID this type face??

i found this type face on a sign on a wall in london, and want to find out what it is called? any help would be great.

thank you


sorry previous image is huge.

First, looks like a hand-lettering to me. All repeating letters are different (3 /S, 3 /E, 2 /R, 2 /P...).
Second, I was unable to spot a font that could match all these specific letters. Looks like it mixes different styles of font (at least 2): /S (/T, /A, /L...) on one side and /P, /R, /O and /P on the other. May be mixing some of these ones would be interesting: Highway (flare serif but overall design looks in the same vein), Wyvern, Railroad Gothic, Maxwell Sans, CA Aires, Strassenbahn, Route 66, Outer Loop, SNV, Highway (Blue Highway, Highway Gothic, Interstate, Expressway...), Signal, SAA, Monod, Nomad, Cougher, Van Condensed, Inventory, Station

hi Ryuk,

thanks for getting back to me, yeah i thought it might be a difficult one. as i thought the same my self. but it is worth putting it out there to see if any body prove me wrong. i shall have a look at those type faces you provided.

thank you very much for your help, appreciate it!