Can anybody ID this type face??

i found this type face on a sign on a wall in london, and want to find out what it is called? any help would be great.

thank you


sorry previous image is huge.

First, looks like a hand-lettering to me. All repeating letters are different (3 /S, 3 /E, 2 /R, 2 /P...).
Second, I was unable to spot a font that could match all these specific letters. Looks like it mixes different styles of font (at least 2): /S (/T, /A, /L...) on one side and /P, /R, /O and /P on the other. May be mixing some of these ones would be interesting: [[|Highway]] (flare serif but overall design looks in the same vein), [[|Wyvern]], [[|Railroad Gothic]], [[|Maxwell Sans]], [[|CA Aires]], [[|Strassenbahn]], [[|Route 66]], [[|Outer Loop]], [[|SNV]], [[|Highway]] (Blue Highway, Highway Gothic, Interstate, Expressway...), [[|Signal]], [[|SAA]], [[|Monod]], [[|Nomad]], [[|Cougher]], [[|Van Condensed]], [[|Inventory]], [[|Station]]

hi Ryuk,

thanks for getting back to me, yeah i thought it might be a difficult one. as i thought the same my self. but it is worth putting it out there to see if any body prove me wrong. i shall have a look at those type faces you provided.

thank you very much for your help, appreciate it!