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Monotype has introduced version 4.0 of its award-winning FontExplorer® X Pro font management solution for Macintosh® platforms. The new release, which breaks new ground with features such as support for Web fonts, OpenType® features and Monotype’s SkyFonts™ technology, is available separately or as part of Monotype’s top-level Web Fonts subscription plans. Customers are able to take advantage of advanced capabilities for selecting, accessing and managing large numbers of fonts quickly and easily.

FontExplorer X Pro 4.0 introduces several features, including:

• Web font support – FontExplorer X Pro can now import, preview and organize Web fonts, including WOFF (Web Open Font Format) and EOT (Embedded OpenType) files.
• Website font preview – Selected elements on any website can be viewed within FontExplorer X Pro where users can customize the fonts, colors and spacing of text.
• Slide show feature – Selected fonts can be displayed as a slide show and can overlay documents to help designers gauge how font selections will appear in projects.
• Mini view – FontExplorer X Pro can now work in a small window, allowing for more screen space for design apps, while providing easy access to the user’s font library.
• Enhanced smart sets – One of the most popular features of FontExplorer X Pro, smart sets operate as filters for designers to access fonts that meet predetermined criteria. Smart sets now support multiple languages, as well as OpenType features available within certain fonts.
• Improved main font list – Enhancements include the ability to view OpenType feature information and preview font selections using either a multi-line or waterfall view.
• SkyFonts Support – FontExplorer X Pro now supports SkyFonts technology, Monotype’s platform for easily trialing, installing and synchronizing desktop fonts from or Google Fonts across workstations.
• Connectivity through Master and Professional subscription plans – Subscribers of either plan can take advantage of all the benefits of FontExplorer X Pro through built-in SkyFonts technology.

Monotype’s Master and Professional subscription plans feature access to more than 20,000 Web fonts, and more than 7,000 traditional desktop fonts, including selections from the Monotype® Libraries which comprise the Monotype, Linotype®, ITC®, Bitstream® and Ascender® collections. Subscribers also receive SkyFonts technology; Monotype’s Typecast™ application, a browser-based tool for designing Web pages with Web fonts; and now FontExplorer X Pro.

Further information about subscription plans is available at Web Fonts Master and Professional subscribers are provided access to version 4.0 for Mac® platforms and version 2.4 for Windows® systems, which includes the capability to connect with SkyFonts technology. FontExplorer X Pro for the Mac may be purchased separately for $89/€89 (including VAT) through the all-new store. Customers using FontExplorer X Pro Mac 2.0 or later can upgrade to version 4.0 for $39/€39 (including VAT). Customers using FontExplorer X Pro 2 for Windows can download version 2.4 for free. FontExplorer X Pro licenses purchased on or after March 1, 2013 may be eligible for a free upgrade. Further information is available at

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