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50s Spanish Titling Face with hook-ish 'U'

I came across this a few years ago in a museum exhibiting a few pages from a 1950s edition of Picasso's bullfight drawings. Being no fan of either Picasso or bullfighting, the thing I found most interesting about this was the titling face used on the front page, particularly its U, which has its »straight« top part and its curved bottom clearly separated, and this separation empasised by serif-like hook-ish embellishments on both sides.

The guards interfered my trying to take a picture of it, but I found this blurry one online, from someone selling their edition for €6000,-.


With some imagination, you may be able to see the hooks. If you can't, there's a poor man's (i.e. my) re-creation of it in the attachment.

I'm not really looking for a digital equivalent of it; I'm rather interested in everything you may have to share about this face, and this particular style feature, about other faces that implement it, etc...


cusp, thats the word I was looking for, thanks (for the link too)!

Check out Fundición Tipográfica Nacional (Madrid) specimen books from the 1940s, particularly works of Carl Winkow...