Can anyone identify this cursive font?

I'm helping my Dad identify this font but using the online font identifiers don't really work well for cursive fonts.


Six hours & no pronouncement from the true font cognescenti!
Despite the fuzzy image, I can see a regularity in the lower case that suggests that this is could well be a font -- although some of the old time letterers were pretty consistent. The lowercase scripting is open and conventional with high legibility. But the uppercase of slanted plain letters, at least for the WNOT shown is unusual.
It would help if you could provide some information as to the source of the image, particularly the approximate year, or decade, in which it was originally created, and the country where it appeared. Wild guess, based on the text of the image, your explanation, & profile info, WWII RCAF in England? But then again, I could be completely off base & this is a brand new font created by one of the up and coming foundaries.

I'm actually not sure where it comes from, but there are grammar and spelling mistakes.

Still haven't found the font but I'm going to tell my dad to simply go with the most similar that I find.

Ok. Then consider using two fonts. A plain sloped lettering for the uppercase and a high legibility script for the lower case, e.g. a school script. Should work fairly well.

For lowercase you might be happy with Billy Argel's Blessed Day. Far from a perfect match, but the ascenders & descenders generally fit the sample's form and length, the weight and slope are about right, and most of the letters are not too far off the sample's cursive.

Some very close to your sample: Coffee Service, Belinda, House Script, Lucky, Lakeside

Congratulations Ryuk. I believe you have found the rare script with BOTH upper & lower case that come close! It's the Filmotype Lucky, a fairly low contrast script like the request image, released on MyFonts last month.

Thanks Don even if my choice would rather be House Script. Looks like it comes closer to me.