Please help identify 80s romance font

Please help us identify this font used on 80s romance novel. We are looking for the font used for "Shirley Conran" and "Savages" Thank you!!


I suspect this is something created as a private font to reinforce the product image of the publishers line of romance novels.
The terminals for both fonts are some sort of a swoosh design -- perhaps to suggest romance. The angled font seems to be a tweeked version of the top font.
Some of the ideas found in the font date back to 19th century designs.
Note the R with a sharp angled shoulder on the leg. This is found in at least one readily available font, ITC Tiffany Heavy designed by Edward Benguiat in 1974 based in part on Ronaldson, a very popular 19th century font with huge serifs on the arms. Canada Type has revived Ronaldson, cut by Alexander Kay for MacKellar in 1884 and designed by Rebecca Alaccari in 2008.
The huge serifs on L & E in your image could have been adapted from the Ronaldson/Tiffany design by making the serif alignment more vertical and clipping off the spurs protuding below the baseline and above the caps height.

The swoosh terminals are a rip from the "smooth as butter" fonts such as Tartine Script.
This is a true Frankenfont!

Love this Frankenfont!
The S and C with "smooth as butter" swoosh terminals were previously used by the publisher to spell the author's name in a very different font.

The cover designer has a real post modern flair for font style fusion.