(x) "Turn Forlag as" carved blocky sans - (similar to) FF Liant {Dav}

Can anyone help me id this one?



Should be ‘Liant’, by Ingrid Liche..

Stephen: i guess this is for some kind of vegetable store?
“Moroten” means “The Carrot” in swedish.

Yeah, one of the first Svensk words I learned from my Svensk
mother. Sadly, growing up in the US, I didn’t learn many more.

I think this was actually a high-end clothing shoppe.

‘The Carrot’ is pretty much all you need to know to survive in sweden and the other scandinavian countries.


Thanks. it’s very close but not 100%. It’s so close it looks like someone might have been a bit too inspired and made their own version.


Yea, I noticed that your sample may not be identical to ‘Liant’, but I thought that I should and would rather post the original source of ‘Inspiration’..

does this sample came from weleda?
weleda did a few changes on liant.

you can find a few freebes in the web. unfortunately i dont find a link in my bookmarks. try to google with anthroposophie.

There is a freeware typeface which is based on the same typeface
model FF Liant is based on. I really don’t know if it’s a rip-off or a
different digitization. Maybe it’s that one. I’ll see if I can find additional

Yep, that’s the one I am talking about. It’s used by the Steiner Schools.

actually weleda hired ingrid liche to design a font which based on the philosopy of rudolf steiners anthroposophy.

those glyphs were carved in wood. the roots of this style came from the jugendstil/art nuveau in which steiner evolve his theory. in waldorfschools you can see many of those carved typfaces.

nowadays weleda use a modified liant -version for all printing matters.



From a Stockholm storefront: