(x) Looking for freeware alternative for Pill Gothic

The Pill Gothic :

I am looking for something the same kind, but freeware.
Am I dreaming?

Thank you.


You may not be able to find any freeware font nearly as good as ‘Pill Gothic’, by fellow Typophile, Christian Robertson.. ( Well, Sure, You may as well be dreaming.. )

Logicalnot, these Forums are run by people from the type community.
i think it would be quite illogical for us to point people to solutions
that undermine the work of our very own people.

You might not realize that, but Pill Gothic didn’t just magically
appear on a computer somewhere far far away and miraculously
made its way to the Veer website. It was carefully designed,
digitized, kerned and whatnot by a type designer, a living,
breathing person who toiled away for endless hours crafting
a beautiful typeface which performs impeccably in graphic
and lay-out programs. This living, breathing person has rent or
mortgages to pay, eat and drink, maybe support a family, enjoy
some recreation once in a while.

Ask yourself, how would you feel if someone asked us to provide
whatever you do for a living for free, so you wouldn’t be able to
earn a decent living anymore? Need I go on? :-)


Well, maybe you should think twice next time. No offense. :-)