Does anybody recognise this?

Just wondering if anybody recognises this font? I've tried the usual font identification techniques, all to no avail.

Many thanks.


Easy to make but clumsy in appearance -- IMHO these letters are a product of too much DIY font making. Start with a nice Didone and infest it with ball terminals, ball swashes and balls on crossbars--we see H, I suspect A was also hit. For some reason the "designer" missed the beak on C and the crossbar on E. Perhaps it is available as a "free" font, and could be located by searching the ornamented categories. If nothing turns up, the lettering could be called "Ballpox." Perhaps I am too harsh, I can see it as a descriptive title for a story about a closet -- all those balls resemble hooks for hanging clothes.

I suspect someone's butchered this as a logo, but given any repeated character has precisely the same form, that led me to conclude it was an actual font 'out there' somewhere.

Sadly I've had to manually create a set of vector shapes to recreate the logo. I could not find the font on all the usual free font sites, admittedly it could fall under any number or categories - it's such (poor) font.

Each to their own I suppose, but it's not my cup of tea either!

You have my sincere sympathy.

unfortunately it is a "font"

Nice find! Thank you very much. Nice to have the original source font!