searching for 'k', does anyone recognize this font?

Hey! Could someone please help me identify this font? Or perhaps a similar one? Time is of the essence :) Thanks in advance!


The base font is a Didot variation with the leg well up the arm. The closest I found with a quick check was Seravee. The designer has replaced the head serif with a loop. Perhaps someone knows of a font that does this. I don't. To create the k and similar letters you could start with Saravee, or a closer Didot variation, and make loops.

That's what I thought, that it must have been altered.. It's a pity though, because I'm not a graphic designer and don't know really know how to change it myself.
But still, thank you very much for such a quick response!

if you have more letters it would help.

unfortunately no! I've only found the k and i actually need just this one letter

hm. i suspect Kelly made it herself, considering it's both initials.
link to her site/blog, here.

thank you! you're right, it must have been designed by/ for her. i found it on a site with business card designs without any link, so i assumed it's a font. thank you both!

If you only need that one letter... I could convert it to a vector for you, but it may well be somebody's actual design (well, it's always someone's design), but 'standalone' design rather than a font.

According to a source seemingly close to (or is) the actual designer....

"The K is a custom drawn character. The supporting face is Archer."

really?? this would be great.. well, it's hard to say, it might be since i found it on a business card as a standalone letter on blank and defiantone linked it with someone's website. anyway, i need it for school purposes, not commerce. could only find k fonts with loops rightwards, and i'm after one which would go to the outside just like this one

oh! ok, thanks anyway! :)

If you want a tradition 'k' with a flourish....


Avocet Light
Avocet Light Xtras
Zapfino One
Before The Rain

Indeed the Archer k has the leg in the same place as your letter. You can get
Archer from Hoefler & Fere-Jones.

thank you!