two different problem fonts!

HELP PLZ. too many deadlines ...eyes can't search any more. TWO different font styles for two very different projects


bottom is Peignot

Thank you so much.... one problem solved. One to go. Someone Please!!!

No match at dafont sci fi for janettheory, but a couple are close.
Italic, but remove slant & you are almost there.
Galaxy Legion's Font?
Too narrow
Back to the Future II
I could look further, but you seem to be in a rush :)
Perhaps someone else has nailed this one.


Definitely feasible to use ausprobe [provided you solve any copyright issues with the designer] as a basis for editing if you can't find the precise font in janet. Here is a test slanted 24.5% left & horiz comp 80%.


THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH. My eyes also thank you. You guys are the BEST!

You're welcome.

The font used was Dan Zadorozny's Dodger.

Fits like a glove, well made. It takes time to check the independent font sites.


Hah! thanks, Don. Actually, I have the font and it looked familiar. I rather like it better fuzzier with rounded corners as on the cloth.

Hopefully, Patricia returns.