Can anyone name this font?

I really like this font used on this cover. I would like to know what it is called.


Sample does not show earmark letters like Q that differ in fonts that otherwise match your image. So here are some matches to the sample letters, from close to less so:
Compacta, seems right except slightly too narrow:

Block Gothic RR, Smart Sans, British Inserat, AuraAnzeigen Grotesk.
I suspect I barely missed the 100% match.

Other option: http://Tungsten with a custom /G

Thanks for the responses. Compacta seems spot on except for the capital E. I'll give the other typefaces a try and see what I come up with.

i don't really agree on the Compacta diagnosis, but can't find an exact match as yet either. the gap in the A is off in addition to the E and I can't feel too happy about the proportion of the M legs.

Brings us back to the issue of whether the letters are direct from a font or are redesigned.
If the letters are an unmodified sample of a common digital font I would have expected that one of us would have run across something closer than Compacta by now.
Easy to modify Compacta per defiantone's observations, but that still begs the question of whether a 100% match exists.