Minion Phonetic Pro

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Where can one buy the Minion Phonetic Pro typeface?‎

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Minion Phonetic Pro? By the way, that link is invalid.

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The link can be made to work if you delete of couple of extra characters. The document has an embedded Type 1 font called "MinionPhoneticPro". But I have never heard of it before....

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The link is, the pdf is an article published in the Journal of Greek Linguistics, John Benjamins Publishing Company. The link on the John Benjamins' site says "no longer our product"; the journal is now published by Brill.

As for the font, I find it unfortunate that even Acrobat Professional does not allow us to see the font copyright, all we can see is the font names. If I generate a Postscript from the pdf, I get the following copyright notice:

     Notice (Pieter Lamers / Theunis de Jong)
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Yup, that's correct. It's a custom job for JB Publishing, and not commercially available.


the journal is now published by Brill.

Ah, so now it gets typeset in the brilliant Brill font by John Hudson.

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I have the IPA phonetic characters in Minion. Adobe lets you modify fonts for you own use, that's how you do/get them.

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Yeah ... Charles, I'm not entirely comfortable with that clause, as it is definitely not "for my own use".

Sylph, which character(s) would you need? As been discussed before ( and the two threads mentioned therein), IPA base characters borrow heavily from Latin and Greek and can be constructed from the basic set in Minion Pro (a process which I call "pilfering parts").

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Yeah ... I'm not entirely comfortable with that clause, as it is definitely not "for my own use".

I guess "for the instigator's use" is a better way of putting it. Adobe says you can hire someone to do it for you. On the other hand, they (the hiree?) can't "distribute" their work. I suppose it needs to be done afresh each time? Who knows the minds of lawyers?

& "part pilfering" is a good way to put it.

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Michel Boyer wrote:
As for the font, I find it unfortunate that even Acrobat Professional does not allow us to see the font copyright, all we can see is the font names.

Michel, with Acrobat Pro you can:
1. Open the Preflight panel. (Exact location in the menus depends on version and sub-version of your Acrobat.)
2. Wait for Preflight panel to load.
3. Wait for Preflight panel to initialize.
4. Wait for Preflight panel to display.
5. Click "Options" in the right hand corner.
6. Select "Create Inventory" from the menu.
7. Switch off any items you are not immediately interested in.
8. Click OK, then wait some more while a detailed PDF is created.

The plus point is that this PDF is extremely detailed ... except, after all this waiting, I see it displays lots of font information except the Notice. Hmmm ... Second attempt:

1. Open the Preflight panel (then wait, etc.)
2. Click "Options" in the right hand corner.
3. Select "Browse Internal Structure of all Document Fonts" -- a treeview dialog opens
4. Open the sub-tree "MinionPhoneticPro"
5. Open the sub-tree "Internal Structure"
6. Open the sub-tree "Font" (!) -- and there is the Notice.

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Adobe allows you to hire a third-party to make mods for you, as long as they also have a license to the original. I've done such work a few times (having once received David Lemon's blessing).

John, feel free to email me for a quote: hpapazian at gmail dot com

BTW Charles, how do you know Donald Dickson at Texas A&M?


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I also spot a few discrepancies which I fixed over the years. Most obvious: the ugly long s "∫", which was created by mirroring the curve of the Minion "j". I dare not stretch out a regular "s" -- certainly it would not survive such a treatment with grace! --, so I repurposed the huge bowl of the "f":

It feels I'm always fixing this font ... At least it's an advantage, then, it's solely for in-house productions. Only very occasionally I mucked up existing documents by printing them with an 'updated' version :-/

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Hrant: To the best of my knowledge, I do not know Donald Dickson. I know & work with people in the design and production department at the press, Mary Ann Jacob and Kevin Grossman.

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Theunis de Jong wrote: “[...] Hmmm ... Second attempt: [...] and there is the Notice.”

Worked fine, thanks.

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Charles, thank you for the reply.


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Oh, I love what you did to U + 0283! It is probably my favourite glyph in that typeface! Though, probably, some purist who knows a lot about creating phonetic fonts might say that it is all wrong.

I was just hoping, Theunis, that this is available for purchase, I kept thinking that Minion must have a fuller IPA character set somewhere, so it is a bit disappointing to learn that it is purposely built for that linguistics journal.

I guess that what you all say about Adobe licences is why the firm that designed Duden Aussprachewörterbuch could change Kepler and creatic the phonetic set. I am forgetting the name, but I know they have a website. The name is on the first pages of the dictionary.

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For what it's worth, I have also wanted IPA characters for Minion for ages.

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