any font that is (a) narrow / condensed, and (b) based on Baskerville

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Hello All,

In my job, I have to deal with folks who have very little attention span. Often I have to write elevator-pitch summaries for which Narrow / Condensed fonts work much better than Regular version of fonts. Also, earlier I had been using Garamond or Cambria for printed-out presentations, but after reading articles about Baskerville font, I tried out Baskerville Old Face. While the switched to Baskerville Old Face hasn't noticeably improved any success rates, I have received more positive comments about the presentations.

Are there any font recommendations that are simultaneously BOTH
(a) Narrow / Condensed
(b) based on Baskerville (Old Face)

Freely available font recommendations will be much appreciated.


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Dunno, I for one see Baskerville's character as being strongly linked to its horizontal generosity. The good news is that I wouldn't call Baskerville an "Old Face", and hopefully you actually mean the latter and not the former. :-)

What about Kepler, or Octavian?


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Thanks for the recommendations. By "horizon generosity", what do you refer to ?

Also, would you know if there any websites where I can filter fonts by multiple characteristics like Narrow / Condensed in addition to Serif and your "horizon generosity" measure?

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I guess I just meant "width".


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A website where you can filter fonts by multiple characteristics … hmmm.
Do you by any chance mean something like this?

best regards

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My Playfair Display is Open Source (hence gratis) and based – amongst other things – on Baskerville.

It is slightly condensed, and has an x-height much larger than the historical transitionals. As the name implies it is best used for headlines and titles.

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