Fonts on BEAST - 'I'm Sorry' Single Cover

could you please help me identify the font here? the "I'm Sorry" one..
thank you so much! ^^


This is an edited version of Fette Fraktur, i.e. a "heavy" weight version of the Fraktur style of blackletter typefaces. A German punchcutter, Johann Christian Bauer, designed it in 1850. Digital versions are available from various foundries. Your image differs from the usual version of Fette Fraktur

mainly in the substitution of a Latinized S, clipping the tails on I and Y, clipping the back-flip on O, and rounding the comb-over effect on the bowl of R.
I would be interested to learn if anyone knows whether this edit has been released as a font.

It’s rather a customized Wittenberg Fraktur.

You are correct. I missed the bold weight version of this less common Fraktur in my quick-check.