Abandon all hope!

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I've been brooding over Verdana for a while, and since I had some free time last weekend, I decided to make my own Verdana-esque typeface; but without those odd terminals. I started with (roughly) the dimensions of Verdana, and just worked my way through the glyps, and ended up with something that, to my eye, is an interesting amalgamation of News Gothic and Verdana, with some Myriad trown in. What do you think?

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Are Book and Medium two separate weights?
some suggestions:
Acute and grave placement on the O/o is off.
Quotation marks are too small.
Is J too narrow? t may be a bit top heavy.
Notch at upper right of g and q looks indecisive.
Superior figs too big. I don't think the barred OS one works in this monoline style. The little tie in % also seems out of place. I like the idea of oldstyle-height %, but it gets awfully wide.

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Thanks, Craig-

This started as a Medium, but I then decided it to be Book weight.
You're righ; fixing those acutes and graves.
And I'll look into those J and t.
And right again; those need more depth. I'll definetily fix those to compliment p.
And I believe I have to go through your other commets as well, since they seem to make sense to me. But like I said, I only strated this last weekend, and really only got in touch with the overall feel of the font, so this is still in a design study stage, rather than a final product.

Thanks again.

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Looks nicely sober - if predictable. Reminds me of FHWA (AKA Interstate) too. And I like seeing "rationalist" (AKA mirrored) quotes.

I would shorten the descenders. And the spacing is too loose (at least for print). Also, the caps are almost the height of the tittles; I would match the heights.


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