EULAs and buying font libraries

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EULAs and buying font libraries

Recently a client asked us to audit our typefaces to ensure we were complying with licence agreements.

In doing so we realised that as a consequence of the firm growing and personnel turnover, we have some fonts which we don't have the full licences for. Generally speaking this is where we've purchased a one-user licence, but now more than one person or workstation use the font or that in embedding fonts in PDFs and allowing clients t distribute electronically we are in breach.

It seems an almost impossible job of ensuring adherence to agreements when the industry and technology is changing so rapidly and that the foundries don't make the task easy and put all the emphasis on adherence down to conscience.

We are now in discussions to replace many fonts with a library such as Adobe's type library to future-proof and make life easier.

Obviously this comes up time and time again, but why isn't there some sort of standardisation in terms of EULAs? In a straw poll of similar agencies most agree that they have illegal fonts and/or are not adhering to EULAs.

Just wanted to garner peoples thoughts on this?

Also, are there any foundries offering a good library other than Adobe (with similar EULAs)