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Webfonts Kerning

Hi all

I have a few fonts I would like to use online.

I have used font squirrel web font generator http://www.fontsquirrel.com/tools/webfont-generator

The fonts have class kerning that works in all applications but the fonts from the web font generator don't seem to have any kerning.

Am I missing something, is it possible to have kerning in web fonts.

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The browser support is very uneven. What works most of the times is a flat kerning table, but expanding the class kerning can add significant weight to the font files.

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... like Frode said.

However, for some browsers, you can get kerning by applying the text-rendering: optimizeLegibility; property in your css.

There's some more info here:
although you have to realize this is a moving target right now.

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And the forum software needs to be taught about https:// PDQ.