(x) Dallas Mavericks logo - TF Cavalier A Bold {Yves}



The font I am trying to find is the same as the “sacremento kings” font—I answered my own question–it is Narrowband Prime ICG. The font came with Illustrator but I don’t know who sells it.

They do. The wonders of Google. ;)

BTW It’s not Narrowband Prime ICG, it’s Treacyfaces
TF Cavalier A Bold, a face originally designed by
Sylvester A. Cypress in 1992-94.


I knew it looked familiar… B)

I love my FontBook: 5 years old, but still the
best thing around. It simply can’t be beat.

And I just finished creating my own version of the font because I couldn’t find it. Rats.

Your assumption that it was Narrowband Prime ICG set
me on the wrong foot. It’s only afterwards I decided
to check the Narrowband character set from up close.
Sorry I was late. :/