Looking for connected script similar to Marc Newson signature

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I am guessing this is a digitally modified design of marc newson's signature, but I am searching for something similar in a commercially available font. marc

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My Starlight Motel has some similar forms but isn't monoline -


Stuart :D

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Part 9 of the Script Font ID Guide has some vertical monoline (mostly) handwriting scripts that may be similar enough:

Notec (Linotype) p.1
Garrido (Unifonts) p.1
Emmascript MVB (Adobe) p.1
Lanier (E-phemera) p.5
Sincerely (Canada Type) p.7 (same as Elegance p.1, but more easily found)

You can probably test drive all but Unifonts Garrido at MyFonts.com

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Oooh, don't hold yer breath, Ole. It's not very likely we're gonna
find something similar. :-(

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