What font does Summit Racing use?


The letters that make the words 'recent news' above are the font I am trying to identify. Sorry if I did not upload correctly.

Thanks to GR8ideas for identifying the font as SWISS921BT. But it is not that. Here is SWISS921BT

Here is the font I am trying to find

Please help!

When this is hopeless, you need to go back to roots, essentials. May be you could try various weights and styles of Helvetica. Extra Compressed for your first sample and Condensed Black for the digits...

Well, I didn't realize this search was hopeless! Because it implies you experts don't think this font exists. Thanks for your advice. I'll research.

I guess my pathetic try to be humouristic was nothing but a fail :)
Anyway, I dig a bit more and https://found some PDF. Guess what? It reveals they're massively using... Helvetica Condensed Bold/Black and Nimbus Sans Condensed Black which is considered as URW++ version of... Helvetica.

Thanks so much, Ryuk! You were absolutely right. Sherlock Holmes could not have done better. Good work.