The Paley Brothers logo

I'm looking for the font used for this Paley Brothers logo.

Much thanks!


Koloss CG (Regular) Agfa

Thanks for your input bojev!
It's close but not quite ... anyone else got any ideas?


I would concur with bojev's find of Koloss. The B in the logo is in discord with the rest of the letters. I suggest this is probably a logo designer's custom touch. However, it is possible that someone released this Koloss variation as a font under another name.

I like Koloss CT from Castle Type which includes the addition of Koloss Bold Condensed and Koloss Bold Wave.
Koloss was designed by J. Erbar and released by Ludwig & Mayer in 1923. Some differences from the digitized versions, including an angled termination to the leg on R.


Well, I did some investigating, and found out that the Koloss CG (Regular) is actually used on one of The Paley Bros. 7" singles, so I'm going to consider it a win.

Thank you both for the information, it is greatly appreciated!

You're welcome.