Please Help Identify

Could some please help me identify this typeface? I am also wondering if there is a term used to describe this type of A?


Previous discussion, remaining unsolved. My conclusion: custom job based on Times New Roman by Radim Pesko

As for the A with the "v" shaped crossbar, it was used in the 19th century for various fonts* but did not have a specific name. In his patent for a font with this feature in 1881 Heyer merely said that the cross-line was "bent down in the center." It's most familar use in modern fonts is for heavy decorated fonts such as Algerian and Gold Fever.
I like this font as an elegant and restrained design which should be effective for formal communication with a touch of individuality. Unfortunately, I don't recognize it.

*list available on request.

Does anyone know the script face that More magazine uses on its cover in the word "Plus" (see attached) and thruout the mag?

thanks in advance!


Radim definitely didn't do it and the press is not responding....