MOTORTRAIN - font ID please

Hi! What font is used for this MOTORTRAIN logo? I couldn't find a suitable match on myfonts so here I am...

...thanks in advance!


It's probably custom lettering—although the distorted bottom of the second /O is very strange...

Actually I thought it could of been one of your retro fonts Nick. It's definitely Art Deco based in my searching I saw some similar with the flair on the A/R/ along with the shallow M. But none quite as squared off.

All that lower arc distortion is done via text warp in either Ps or Illy or whateva...


You could try your distortions on Zingende by Ray Larabie. Closer than Anna. Lots of letters follow the R model. You could adapt an O to the A. Not quite as cornered as your sample but it might do as a rough match. Or you could do some blending with Compacta.

OldNick ...I swear you've got too much going on!!!

That font is one of yours ...I thought it was ...smelt retro.

Greasy Spoon NF

And for what it's worth I was wrong about the effect. Once I got the font into Illy it was plain to see that that effect can be achieved via a mesh ...after it was mangled in Illy it was stroked in Ps and then hit with a grunge effect.

No wonder you didn't recognize one of your own ...LOL!