Please help me in identifying this font! Thanks!

Hi everyone,

I really need to know the name of this font for a work-related project, and I'd appreciate any help/pointer from everyone!

Someone pointed out that it's pretty similar to Palatino Linotype, which I think is quite true, so maybe it's a variation of Palatino?

Thank you so much for your time!



Looks like a Garamond but I can't be sure because of the blurred reproduction

Could be Garamond, definitely not Palatino. The counter of the ‘e’ of Palatino is larger. Also the ‘c’ of Palatino has a serif top right and the ‘t’ of Palatino does not have the triangle top left. Posting a sample showing more characters would definitely be of help.

Seconded on "a" Garamond, although there is no obvious match in size and spacing with Adobe Garamond Pro or Garamond Premier.

Thank you all for your kind comments!

Here's more sample of the same font:

how about Galliard instead of Garamond.

Looks like a match to me, Jodie.

that looks like a perfect match. Thank you everyone for the support!