Nedian-Medium look a like alternative.


I am trying to identify the following font.
Currently I got hired as a designer for a company as their old designer is fired, during the process of switching over I asked him what fonts he used and all I got was: "You can find them online, just download the free ones". As you can see not very helpful.

It is in regards to this product:

Doing some searches online I first thought it was Nedian-Medium, but the "E" is really throwing me off here, also this one isn't free which the old designer seemed to hint too.

Anybody any tips?

Thank you,

Btw, I does not have to be a free font. I just assumed he downloaded a free one, considering his helpful comments.


Just don't become that schmuck who got fired.


Thanks for the fast reply!
That was really fast, font looks great.

I was doubting it at first, because it seemed more edgie than the original. But viewing the fonts at the same size it does indeed seem to be identical.

And @hrant; I won't, no worries. But thanks for the tip, haha.

Thanks once again!