Common slab serif

Hi -- trying to figure out the slab serif in this infographic -- I think this is a very common one, but for some reason I am having some trouble putting my finger on it -- I imagine you all can figure it out in 2 secs, so I thought I'd post -- thanks in advance.


Possibly Nexa.

Hi -- I was asking about the slab- thanks.

maybe you could post (crop) what you're looking for.

sure -- here's a crop -- sorry for the picture quality.

here's a better picture

My bad, I (as usual...) over-read your request. Can't identify the slab BTW. If this comes from a online website, try to inspect CSS code, it might reveal font name.

here are a few more pics -- i've wasted hours and gotten nowhere -- any help would be greatly appreciated --


A quick visit to the website revealed the font name: Adelle.

However, there is something strange going on. For some reason I cannot find a variant with the alternate one-storied /g -- its default /g is double-storied. The superior and inferior /g, on the other hand, is one-storied. It strikes me as odd if the designer purposely selected an inferior /g and scaled & moved it into position ... But perhaps he did. Or perhaps there is a version of Adelle with this alternate as a selectable option.

Sorry: on further reflection, this is not Adelle. It's not just the /g, the /t also doesn't match. (As well as a number of ever-so-slightly differences.)

I guess their webmeister searched for a webfont similar to their identity font and came up with this. Good job -- but now I don't have any suggestions left.

This looks like Roboto Slab to me.

I think (with my bad eyes) you are right! Thank you so much.