looking for font

hi everyone i am looking for a specific font, i am looking for the font the hells angels use. any help would be awesome. it is their logo font. thanks


the top looks most like it, i cannot find it anywhere

Hessian is the most widely suggested for this font. not exact. how old is the logo? seems like it's probably pre-digital and maybe based on something that is not currently available. maybe?

Early 19th century type category called Tuscan had these split & curled ends -- like a "bad hair" day. Were various photo-composition era versions that could have been used for the logo. Digital versions usually are dumped in various unrelated categories like western, circus, and as in the case of Hessian, biker/motor cycle.So far found nothing closer than Hessian.

As usual with Tuscan, very frustrating as I couldn't get a match or a name. This one reminds me of those used in the embroidery industry mainly for baseball team purpose. Some suggestions for similars: Bosox (Boston Red Sox fan font), Stahl's Tiffany, MLB Tuscan (Major League Baseball fan font), akaPosse, High On Fire, Los Banditos, Warriors

AFAIK the Hells Angels patch and logo are protected under copyright. So if you find a pirate copy of a digital file that was originated by Hells Angels be careful not to break the law by using it, or that's not all that might be broken:) However, seems to be no LEGAL problem [at least in USA] with creating a new digital design that matches an image provided it has a name that will not infringe.

Seems to be an exact match in Bike by Fontalicious. Love the explanation:
---start quote---
When I was working on a project one day, I went a-lookin’ for the Hell’s Angels font. Not only did I not find it, but along the way I bumped into the information that they don’t give that font out, it’s in their secret files. Really guys?? I guess now we all know one more thing about the infamously bad ass biker gang…they pilfer cool fonts. Well, I went ahead and made it, that’s how I roll. Last time I checked, no other designers were putting their life on the line making fonts. You’re welcome.
---end quote---
How close? decide for yourself:


Oh dear, oh dear! Some people will never learn - and it seems to be turning into my life's mission to inform the general public about the dangers of this stuff.

This as a Public Information Message.

NB: Both Bike and Hessian are dangerously close approximations, but please BEWARE - the actual font you are seeking has NEVER been made available to the general public.

FYI: HELLS ANGELS and the winged deaths head logo (R) are trademarks owned by Hells Angels Motorcycle Corporation, registered in the USA and in many other countries. All logos and designs of Hells Angels are trademark-protected (TM) and protected according to international law. Copying and other use is not allowed.

You really should have a damn good reason to be even thinking about using it, but if you're really brave you could just walk into your local 81 clubhouse and ask advice from members of the Big Red Machine. Believe me, being sued by these guys for copyright infringement would be the very least of your worries.

For your own sake - take this information in the spirit it is intended - from one who knows (and no I'm not a member!)


Oh yeah! If you want a really good Tuscan Spurred font you should stop messing around with all those nasty Bosox/Tiffany variants and check this out:


Rare and Unique Fonts.


You can download similar to that of the hells angels of typography here :https://mega.co.nz/#!OZhHjbRC!-76KQB_JCTEI1FhNGCFvuBT5nZTFvwxF9jLTUX5vBO0