The Tale Of Helvetica & Comic Sans

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I thought this community might be interested in The Tale of Helvetica & Comic Sans by Bertie Wells. Is there a pending class war represented by those that use Helvetica in their work and those that use Comic Sans?

Here's the video on Youtube:
Here's the song on Bandcamp:

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And some of us don't mingle with either demographic!


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The really-really scary thing is that the Comic Sans users are the one that mess about with the really-really big Doomsday Machine... y'know... that Large Kitty Collider thingamajig at CERN.

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Painful. 3 out of 10. Might have been funny in 2005.

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Té Rowan - That is a true and scary point you've made! Government desktop publishing is probably where Comic Sans really got it's big break! :)

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That the use of Comic Sans by the people who mess about with the Doomsday machine of any relevance is interesting. Would it be different if they if they used a 'respectable' font? Or Papyrus?

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