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Hi Everyone- I'm hoping you can help me out. I'm getting married on September 7. I just received my wedding invitations from a vendor on Etsy. The invitations were supposed to look like the picture, however, they showed up with black and dark pink ink instead of dark gray and light pink. I can't go back to the original vendor who messed up because she’s (conveniently) on vacation until July 14. And I can't change my wedding colors this late in the game. I can, however, recreate the invitation and reprint it in the right color ink. I just need to find out what font she used. Any ideas?? Thank you for your help!!!!


Can't help you with the ID, but: congrats in advance, and have a great wedding!

Cute ampersand BTW.


Thanks! I think I figured out the font, too! It's Adios Script Pro. Now you can do the cute ampersand too!

I think I figured out what font it is: Adios Script Pro

One wedding a lifetime is plenty, lady! ;-)