Please help ID this nice font?

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Hello there!

Does anyone perhaps know what typeface this is?

I would appreciate any help, as I really like this font!

Thanks in advance,

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Not an exact match, but quite close to Revolution Gothic Extra Bold.

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Hi Atwe,

Thank you for you prompt reply!
Indeed it is a close match, but the differences are still too prominent... I'll keep it in mind for a last resort though.


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Jan, sir you are a legend! Thank you very much.

Without sounding like an @ss:
I need only the "square" font for what I need to do, you don't know where I can find that font by any chance?
It's for a concept that I would like to present to a potential client, but dropping 100 dollars on a font is way out of my budget!

Can anyone help?

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You could just purchase PG Square alone or look for the initial demo/beta version Antrepo released a while back.

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If you don’t need the whole family, the square set will set you back $30.

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Yes, if you can't afford a font, don't pirate it.


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Unless someone still has the old beta version around - and is willing to share it - my only option is to purchase.

Thank you all anyway for the answers and help identifying the font, it's much appreciated!

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