What font is this?

I've been looking everywhere, including my 10,988 fonts folder and still can't find this exact one. Please help! Thank you in advance. :)


Over 10,000 fonts, that must have cost a fortune!

It’s Neutraface.

Yay!! Thank you Jan!

How can you afford so many fonts - wow!


Most of the time, I include font purchases in my design fees for clients. So I have a lot that were purchased because of that. I've officially been a designer since 2006, purchasing fonts for personal projects since as early as 2002. :)

Lucky guy!


Lucky GIRL. :)

That’s cool, sounds like the antithesis of the Vignelli typeface philosophy.

Ah! Sorry.
A girl can't have enough fonts.


With that many fonts at your fingertips, you're bound to go "I know have this font ... if I only knew its name!" about every day. You might want to look at Fivos Vilanakis' Find My Font utility. Try the free test version.

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