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Closest match to this book cover c. 1936 - script and slab

Hi, typophiles,

Can anyone identify something close to either of these two typefaces on this book cover? (Jan Huizinga, In the Shadow of Tomorrow, 1936)?

I realize it's hand-lettered, but anything close as a starting place would be a big help - with some attention to the detail/peculiarities, if possible.



Something within an "R" of the second is http://www.fontbureau.com/fonts/Constructa/.

kinda weird and not really a script, but Crestwood has a similar feel and if you invert the S and f they are even more alike to your sample. odd.

Nice work spotting both Crestwood and Constructa... thanks - any other ideas on the script-face, especially, are appreciated.

The letterforms of the script show some similarities with Trafton Script, which was designed in 1933. Pacific Script is a revival of it.