Books in Optima

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I'm looking for books that use Optima as a text typeface. Earliest publication date wins the thread. Anyone?

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This probably isn't the oldest example, but it's the oldest example in my library: James Carroll, Wonder and Worship, copyright 1970 by Newman Press, Paramus, NJ, designed by Emil Antonucci.

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Here is a spread I just uploaded. It's from a camera/photography book published in 1988.

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Zapf's book About Alphabets is in Optima, published in 1970, original Typophiles edition in 1960. Here's an edition for sale. And here's a scan of a page.

I'm guessing the original German version is also in Optima. It seems the design was completed in 1958, so the German edition may be the first full book.

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Thanks, I appreciate the pics and citations. All useful info!

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