Interceptor font by Device - original source?

Through the generosity of a gentleman who posts on here, he identified (mostly, anyway) a font for me. Interceptor by Device Fonts. It's essentially a revised version of STOP, by Aldo Novarese.

However, "Interceptor" is based on some other font (also a redraft of STOP). I'd like to know what that font is. Some photolettering typeface? Or? This earlier source would have been in existence in 1990, and earlier.

Sample of Interceptor Italic:


URW issued a digital version of Stop in 1994

Thanks for the note, but I'm not looking for Stop. I'm looking for this other variant - similar to Stop, but what was used as 'inspiration' for the Interceptor font.

Perhaps a better question would be to list all the variants based heavily on Stop. I would imagine the one I'm looking for has not yet been digitized, as I have all the current digital variants for reference.

AG End Italic
Graymalkin Laser

Why don't you ask Rian via his site?

I did ask Rian.

He was very non-committal about his inspiration - which based on the dated samples I have are remarkably similar in many respects to his font.

Any more STOP-esq fonts produced in/around or prior to 1990? I'm guessing it is non-digital.

If he won't tell you I guess you'll never know.

Thanks Nick. Excellent assistance. Not to worry, I'll track it down.

What I mean is that Rian has produced many many ORIGINAL typefaces, so maybe Stop was the inspiration but he's not willing to admit that.