Geometric sans serif 'f' with vertical axis and symmetrical descender

I have seen but cannot remember the name of a beautiful and interesting font distinguished and perhaps most identifiable by its letter "f".

The font is or resembles a geometric, having an even, rounded stroke with no real axis, and no slope. The ascender and descender on the lowercase f are vertically symmetrical save the crossbar being slightly higher than the middle, and the descender extends beyond the baseline significantly to achieve this symmetry.

If I were to guess based on my now somewhat vague recollection, it resembles a Helvetia or Futura, but is quite likely to be a postmodern.

I would be grateful for thoughts about what this might be.


Too difficult for me as a visual person to work from words alone.
But I do admire the description. It would not be out of place in a 19th century font patent.