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Bloomberg Businessweek's international cover for June is, according to the editiors, "ultra kawaii" [ultra cute] with a pic of Japanese PM Shinzo Abe, bats, crying clouds, teddy bears, bows, life savers etc and a balloon like font identical to the word shown here:

The word is taken from a pic inside the North American edition. I only have a thumbnail of the international cover.
Kawaii is not my area of expertise so I am seeking help in IDing the font. If not the exact one, then some close ones.


This picture might be useful for identification purposes.

hm. based on the additional link which has repeat characters, i'd suggest it is not a font.

Many thanks R. Do hope it helps our typophiles to find the font or good similar[s].
For a business magazine, this cover is really amazing.


Thanks diefiantone for the eagle-eye on the repeat letters.
Is there any font that comes close?

hm. how do you like Sniglet?

!!Crazy gaijin, no ultra-kawaii man use a font!! <3 V <3 V <3


It's in the kawaii ball park -- the sample image even mentions rainbows & kitties. Haley Fiege's vfb embedding settings say "everything is allowed" so it would seem o.k. to edit it to lighten the weight to approximate the BBW lettering, to try and capture the creases in letters like the o, and to push letters off a strict vertical axis to get the jumbled together effect.
Do we have any other candidates?

might be something good on Blambot. ?

Thanks for the Blambot suggestion. Closest Blambot is Boogers BB:

The S is almost spot on. No lower case for i, a, e. Sniglet is better for the inflated balloon effect, but Boogers is easier to edit than Sniglet.
Your suggestion of Blambot has prompted me to also check Comicraft.

Googling fonts "phat" yielded Gas Huffer Phat, which has some uppercase similarities. Also a link to a page with puffy fonts. Plus the closest one so far, Jess Latham's Disko, which includes the embedding setting "editing of the document is allowed."