Venezia signage!

Hi! I'm in search of the typeface used for signage all over Venezia, as the one showed in the picture. In the last Biennale di Architettura, designer John Morgan used it as inspiration for the biennale posters and branding typeface. It sure is much like Didot, but then is worked as stencil, like Charrette (which is mainly associated with Le Corbusier) and which is heavier and thicker than the one used in Venezia... I've done a basic search and found no information on the matter. Could you please help me out?
Thank you all!


Don't know this one and can't find its name. Most probably a bespoke typeface exclusively done for the occasion. Better samples:
If I have to recreate it, I'd probably start with some high-contrasted display/headline such as Big Caslon, Freight Big or Chronicle Display.
Some stencil serifs I like now: Dala Floda, Typonine Stencil, Q Stencil, Bery Roman

As you can see in this PDF, the Biennale font is called JMSNiziolettiBeta7. JMS stands for John Morgan Studio. Nizioletti is the Venetian name of these street signs. You can find some more information about all that here.

Last year I visited Venice and also noticed the stencil signage (of course). I got the impression that there were several styles of templates that changed over the years. Also I have seen these kind of stencil street name signs i other places in northern Italy, so I think that there are many different styles of this lettering. Chopping up Bodoni-like typefaces for stencil-usage may be typical for northern Italy as from the second half of the 18th century, but the way the idea is executed may vary by signpainter and by stencil-supplier, so I don’t think that there is one style of stencil lettering that is typical to Venice …

Thanks R for the links to the pdf and Eye Magazine's article on John Morgan's creation of a new version of Venice stencil signage. Very interesting project. And I learned a new word -- Nizioletti. As for the degree to which John Morgan drew on an existing font or fonts it should be possible to decide by reference to: