Life of Brian


I was wondering was the font is used for the cover of LIFE OF BRIAN by the Monty Python folks.

And how I could get this desired effect when designing?

I have a feeling it was likely hand drawn, but I might be able to get some tips?!

Thanks typophiles!



The base font is could be any of many Gothic sans serif designs. Here is one by Filmotype that was used in movies: Glenlake as digitized by Mark Simonson.
Life of Brian was made in 1979. IIRC the cracked monumental lettering dates from then. If so, almost certainly made by a graphic artist working without computer programs. As for the 3d effect this can be done direct on a font using a program such as Fontlab. To find out how to get the desired cracking effect using a computer, I suggest you consult any good book on Photoshop techniques or a few web searches for tutorials on textures etc.
Good luck.