On Fonts and Boobs

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After dropping off my son at daycare on Monday morning, I took a big gulp of coffee, did that interlocking-finger-knuckle-cracking-thing, and sat down at my computer, ready to get some work done. Instead, I checked Twitter. Of course, my feed was immediately confronted with the week’s latest distraction (NSFW), a Tumblr entitled Fonts & Boobs.

The concept is pretty simple. Combine a ‘high-quality’ typeface with a picture of a ‘cute chick’. Oh yeah, and she’s basically naked and positioned in a variety of provocative poses. All of this is described by the Tumblr’s author, as a ‘useful tool for graphic designers’. Right.

My initial desire to punch someone in the face was quickly replaced with a quasi-rational thought: Is there a more nuanced relationship between fonts and boobs than this misogynist type nerd’s wet dream?

Fonts and boobs. They’re both beautiful. And functional. Both have lustful value beyond their intended purpose. A well-designed type specimen, like a manufactured image of a naked female model’s breasts, is an ideal, an erotic fantasy. The type designer hopes their typeface will be as meticulously treated as it is in the type specimen, replete with OpenType goodies, multiple weights and well-spaced justified alignment. In the hands of a typographic aficionado, the typeface is respected, revered, and handled with love.

Maybe the world does need more type specimens with boobs, real boobs. Here's my contribution: Fonts & Breastfeeding. Type is beautiful, functional and worthy of respect. So are breasts.


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I'm going goo goo ga ga over the pun potential here.

Seriously: I can dig this. Even though frankly I'm relieved I'm not qualified.


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[to follow]

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NSFW ...


...graffiti on girls.

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Good read. Witty input on boob and fonts. I love this line from the author: "Fonts and boobs. They’re both beautiful. And functional. Both have lustful value beyond their intended purpose."

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As much as i love boobs and good fonts – but graphically and from the communication side of things this is just a cheap trick we know from selling cars and tyres. There’s no wit in any of those posters, not to speak of erotic whatsoever. It’s just cheap. Missed opportunity.

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