“Brave New World” 1963 edition

I’d like to add another item to our Brave New World collection at Fonts In Use. Hopefully those of you with photo font skillz can ID this one. Maybe a variation on Filmotype Mansfield?


It's Fiedler Baroque Gothic 9 from Photo-Lettering. Looks like the top of the /a/ is pulled in a bit.

Thanks! Looks like Fiedler Gothic and the Filmotype M fonts have a lot in common, which I guess is no surprise.

Also similar, and also without the pulled in to a fox-tail terminals on r, a, e: California Grotesk URW Black.

Hi Mark, I understand House Industries now owns the Photo-Lettering collection. Do you know whether HI will publish Fiedler Baroque Gothic 9 in the near future?
I have not seen a complete specimen, but am I right in assuming that the fox-tail terminals, as shown in the sample, are also used for the uppercase and numerals?

I have no idea, but the odds are probably against it given how many fonts are in the Photo-Lettering collection. You could ask them if you're interested. And, yes, some of the caps and numerals also have fox-tail terminals.

Thanks Mark.
I did some web checking. Apparently all Photo-Lettering published in the way of specimens was a big book of one line phrases, each composed in a different design, that regular purchasers could use to order from. Also, I seem to recall seeing such a book in a university library a few years ago.
This is just a guess, based on the 1963 book cover and your comment, that a Fox-tail Gothic design inspired by Fiedler Baroque Gothic 9 would use fox-tail terminals for:
• 2 3[top and bottom] 5 6 6 9
• C[top and bottom] G[top] J Q S[top and bottom]
• a c[top and bottom] e f j q r[book title shows ball terminal but I find it discordant] s[top and bottom] t y.
• $[top and bottom] & ?
Does any of this look out of place? Did I miss some -- perhaps K k R?

This is from Alphabet Thesaurus Vol. 2 (1965 printing), the "one line" specimen:

And here's the full character set from the index:

By the way, those nicks in the letters in the top row I don't think are part of the design, just production glitches. The full character set samples are tiny, about 6 pt. size.

(Man, I'd get a lot more fonts made if I only had to do that many characters.)

Many thanks Mark!
I appreciate your effort in producing a clean scan of the 6 point character set -- which omits only a few characters which seem seem generally obvious to predict.
This is gold to my eyes.
It's great to be able to confirm analytical design expectations and to discover where they erred.
The book title was misleading on the relative presence of foxtail and ball terminals. It showed only one ball or semi-ball terminal -- the r -- but I now see that there are actually quite a few of them.