ITF introduces webfonts

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ITF introduces webfonts

Hello everyone!

We're happy to introduce our Webfont service, enabling designers to use all ITF Webfonts (Indic and Latin) via the @font-face technique in CSS. Based on W3C standards, ITF Webfont Service offers designers full control over their licensed fonts, keeping implementation as simple and secure as possible. Our service supports 95% of the browsers in use, across Mac and Windows platforms. ITF Webfonts supports several languages written in the Bengali, Devanagari, Gujarati, Gurmukhi, Latin & Tamil with full support for advanced OpenType features.

Apart from the new Webfont Service, we have also expanded our library to include hundreds of new Latin fonts. ITF is mainly known for developing high quality fonts for Indian scripts, but recently we received many requests for Latin fonts, too. To fulfill these needs, we have invited other foundries and designers to collaborate with us and offer their fonts through ITF. We hope that our new services will not only help our Indian clients, but international clients as well.

Please visit our new website:
Your feedback would be most welcome.

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