New Google Motorola logo font?


Does anyone know what font was used for the new Google Motorola logo? I don't care about the logomark or the Google letterforms. But the sans serif font would be nice to know. Thanks!


Very generic and neutral, nothing really memorable part of this questionable /a. Actually, I really doubt it could be a font, more a custom logo work.
My 2 cent now. To me, they could have started with Helvetica Neue, replaced /o by a circle (link with icon?) and tried (and failed) to make this type memorable by tweaking /a.
BTW, what the font did they use to write "a [...] company"? Avenir x DIN? Could be a track to follow...

Thanks Akira for Regular! And that could even be the base font for the logo. It'd just needs to tweak /a a bit.

I suspected some custom design in the motorola letterforms but wasn't sure. I appreciate the tips! :-)