1890s Newspaper logo

I'm trying to id the typeface used in the Spokesman-Review newspaper in 1893. It's still (roughly) the same logo we use today, but I think it may actually have been a real type and not a one-off drawing like many others. Thoughts?


A very popular font called Devinne. Recently discussed in detail at http://typophile.com/node/104424.

The four E's are the only repeated letters. Allowing for small errors in inking and uneven paper, etc, they all look very similar and it could have been a type. However if you look at the first two E's their verticals meet the lower horizontals differently at the inner corner - at a curve in the first one but a sharp 90 degrees in the second...hmm.

As I said in the previous thread DeVinne was produced in many versions by various foundries. Here is one recently digitized by Jeff Levine:

as Publication.
The logo is essentially the same design, with a tweek here and there.

BAM! Awesome work guys. Thanks so much.

You're welcome.